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Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer: SERIES A

The following eight videos were recorded in north Miami, Florida, in May 2009, at the second Open Conversation of the Prostate Cancer Mission:

Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer … with Paul Schellhammer, MD. Dr. Schellhammer is a former president of the American Urological Association, an acknowledged authority on the management of prostate cancer, and himself a prostate cancer patient living with progressive disease.

Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer … with Gary Deng, MD, PhD. Dr. Deng is a specialist in integrative medicine and the use of “alternative” methods that can be used to help manage many cancers, including prostate cancer in particular. He practices at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer … with Gerry Chodak, MD. Dr. Chodak is the founder of ProstateVideos.com, a long-time advocate for the appropriate application of techniques such as active surveillance, and the urologist who brought some patients together in his office to encourage the foundation of Us TOO International.

Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer … with Arnon Krongrad, MD. Dr. Krongrad was the Chairman of the Prostate Cancer Mission, a co-founder of Prostate Cancer International, and a highly regarded specialist in minimally invasive prostate surgery.

Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer … with Rhonda Fine, PhD, ARNP. Dr Fine is a specialist in sexual counseling, with a particular interest in the impact of prostate cancer treatment on couples and management of associated issues of intimacy and sexuality.

Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer … with Patrick Baxter, who is a prostate cancer patient diagnosed in 2008 with localized disease, and a passionate advocate for greater awareness about prostate cancer among the Afro-Caribbean and African-American communities of south Florida.

Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer … with Tony Crispino, a prostate cancer patient with progressive disease who moderates an on-line prostate cancer service on the Healing Well web site.

Let’s Talk About Prostate Cancer … with E. Michael D. (“Mike”) Scott, a long-time prostate cancer activist and educator, co-founder of Prostate Cancer International.

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