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Prostate Cancer International is currently working on the formation, activation, and operation of an international PROactive Surveillance Prostate Cancer Expert CollaboraTive (PROSPECT) working group.

The goal is to bring together an international group of specialists to develop and initiate a long-term research program designed to see if we can significantly extend the time that men with low-risk and favorable intermediate-risk prostate cancer can be managed on active surveillance without any increase in their risk for developing advanced or metastatic forms of prostate cancer.

If there are relatively benign forms of management that could (say) double the time that such men could be managed on active surveillance — from 5 to 10 years or from 10 to 20 years, this would, potentially, have huge benefits in terms of long-term quality of life for men with relatively non-aggressive forms of localized prostate cancer.

The project will take a while to bring to life, but we hope to have more to tell you some time in 2019.

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